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Stolen from...well multiple sources now.

In 2012, blue_mangos resolves to...
Connect with my inner palestine.
Give up cat macros.
Pay for my politics on time.
Ask my boss for a fashion.
Get back in contact with some old documentaries.
Go to nonsense every Sunday.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

1. I think I do this fairly regularly already.
2. NEVAR!!elelbenty!!
3. I always pay for my politics. Sometimes it's in the form of me yelling at my computer screen in frustration. So yeah, I think this one will be kept :o/
4. Hmmmm. I have two bosses. One's pretty fashionable, the other frequently wears paint stained nylon pants. I guess I know which one I'll be going to for this.
5. Sounds like a plan!
6. Let's face it, I go to nonsense every day. At least [ profile] t_p_nonsense.

All in all I think these will be fairly easy resolutions for me to keep.
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Looking for tales of Greek history with majestic photos of the Akropolis? Then head on over to [ profile] panookah's journal, where you will be regalled. I'm focusing my first entry on what captured a great deal of my attention in Athens, the animals.

A multitude of animal pictures inside )
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In unbelievable amounts of pain, but I made it through the operation fine. Of course, being me I managed to break open the stitches on one of the incisions almost right away and had to go back to the hospital this morning.

Thank you all so much for your well wishes, they meant so much to me, truly. I think I have the best flist in all of El Jay land. I <3 you all! ♥♥♥♥
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Disappointed in the lack of Rapturing? Well, be sad no more for I bring fantastic news. The Rapture is on after all. According to that brilliant mind, Harold Camping, Saturday was an invisible Rapture, where God judged us silently. The true Rapture, where those found worthy on Saturday will ascend to Heaven, will occur on October 21st. I don't know why it will take God 5 months to figure out who made the cut, but I guess that's a lot of data to go through. I mean, even looking at my actions alone would probably take him a full day.

Also, no boring earthquakes this time around. God is stepping up the action. The mode of death: FIREBALLS!!!1!!1

So I hope you all didn't burn your looting bridges on Saturday because we're getting another chance. Right in time for Halloween which should make the looting costumes epic.

Read from the man himself (Harold Camping, not God sadly) at the source

Can I get a hell yeah in here?
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Since it didn't actually end we still have time. Hooray!

Seriously though, worst Rapture ever. I didn't even get to see groups of Christians singing hymns heading up to a tall hill to await the coming. I think Harold Camping blew it with the whole '6 pm in all time zones' thing. Totally ruined the suspense.

So, let's cheer up with some adorable photos. Not 32 of them, I was too lazy to download them all, but still worth a look:

adorableness (is that a word? meh, I'm going with it) behind the cut )
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But it made me laugh so I'm posting it.

A legend:

Blue = Conservative
Orange = NDP
Red = Liberal

link to full size map

If you squint reaaaaaly hard on the full size map you can see a tiny red dot next to the line pointing to the orange hipster section of Toronto. That little red dot in a sea of blue and some orange is my riding. I wish it were orange but at least I can console myself with the fact it's not blue.

For bexx13

Mar. 20th, 2011 07:38 am
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On of my LJ friends has posted a survey asking us to repost and fill out. Since I'm bored I'm going to indulge her. Feel free to post your own answers in the comments or repost.  Although, obviously then the questions would be coming from me, not her as many of you don't know her.
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